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Krugers Dorp, South Africa

Deon Visser

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On our trip to the Free State my 6 year old boy told me that his biggest dream is to have a farm and look after animals ? my 2 kids in the pic 

And the more I think about it the more I think of all the kids in the camp who’s biggest dreams are a simple things like a warm bed, warm and nice comfortable food, being spoiled a little bit and not necessarily by second hand donations.

How many kids dream of getting a new plastic lunch box for school, be able to ask his or her parents for McDonalds tonight, how many kids dream of having a real kids breakfast (coco pops) before school and how many kids dream about having a cup of warm tea tonight before going to bed ?

This is why we need all the help we can get to buy a plot where we can uplift and create hope for children as well as their parents, a place where kids will get a new lunchbox with food and snacks in the morning before school and a fun and healthy place they can come to after school for lunch before they go back to the camps.

A place where parents can help harvesting food from the veggie gardens and feel proud making food for as much children and people we can feed. Parents who will get the opportunity to learn skills and find jobs.

You can support this DREAM BIG CAMPAIGN! If we can get 6000 people to each pay R100 over the next 3 months we can do this.

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917Deon Visserdeon@appkhaya.com$200.00